Navigating Economic Downturns: Recession-Resistant Non-Retail Commercial Income

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Economic downturns and recessions can have a significant impact on businesses and investments. However, certain types of non-retail commercial income can prove to be more recession-resistant than others, providing a stable source of revenue during challenging economic times. 

Industrial Properties  

Industrial properties, such as warehouses and distribution centers, can be a reliable source of income during recessions. These properties are often less affected by economic downturns because they serve as critical infrastructure for moving and storing goods. Some benefits of investing in industrial properties include:

  • E-commerce growth: The rise of e-commerce has led to increased demand for warehouse and distribution space, providing a steady source of income for industrial property owners.
  • Long-term leases: Industrial properties often have long-term leases, providing a stable income stream for investors.
  • Low maintenance costs: Industrial properties typically have lower maintenance costs than other commercial property types, helping preserve profitability during economic downturns.

Medical Office Buildings

Medical office buildings, which house healthcare providers such as doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals, can also be a recession-resistant commercial income source. Healthcare is an essential service that remains in demand regardless of economic conditions. Some benefits of investing in medical office buildings include the following:

  • Stable tenant base: Medical professionals typically have stable incomes and are less likely to default on lease payments, providing a reliable income stream for investors.
  • Growing demand for healthcare services: As the population ages and healthcare needs increase, demand for medical office space is expected to grow, providing potential for long-term income growth.
  • Limited competition: Medical office buildings often have specific design and infrastructure requirements, which can limit competition and help maintain property values.

Self-Storage Facilities 

Self-storage facilities can provide a stable source of non-retail commercial income during economic downturns. These facilities offer storage solutions for individuals and businesses, and demand for these services often remains strong during recessions. Some benefits of investing in self-storage facilities include:

  • Recession-resistant demand: During economic downturns, people may downsize their homes or businesses, increasing the need for storage solutions.
  • Low operating costs: Self-storage facilities typically have low operating and maintenance costs, contributing to their profitability during challenging economic times.
  • Diversified tenant base: With a wide range of potential customers, self-storage facilities can benefit from a diversified tenant base, reducing the risk of income loss due to tenant defaults or vacancies.

Data Centers

Data centers, which house the servers and networking equipment that power the digital economy, can be another source of recession-resistant non-retail commercial income. As businesses and consumers increasingly rely on digital services, demand for data center space is expected to remain strong. Some benefits of investing in data centers include:

  • Growing demand for digital services: The continued growth of e-commerce, cloud computing, and other digital services is driving demand for data center space.
  • Long-term contracts: Data center tenants often sign long-term contracts, providing a stable income stream for investors.
  • High barriers to entry: Building and operating data centers require significant capital investment and technical expertise, limiting competition and helping to maintain property values.

Diversification and Stability in Commercial Real Estate

Investing in recession-resistant non-retail commercial income sources can provide stability and diversification for real estate investors during economic downturns. By focusing on industrial properties, medical office buildings, self-storage facilities, and data centers, investors can potentially generate stable income streams and protect their portfolios from the negative effects of recessions.


21 June 2023

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