Minivans The Allow The Handicapped Driver To Remain Independent

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A handicap can mean a lot of things but for those people that have a physical limitation, remaining independent can be tough. Driving can be one thing that really is hard to give up and the limitation that come from it can leave you feeling closed off or stranded. The options for vehicles that can help change that is growing every day. From hand controls and special accommodations in the way the vehicle drives, the limitations are shrinking every day.

Finding A Vehicle For Your Needs

If you are dealing with a handicap of some type that makes it hard to drive a standard vehicle, seeking out one that has the right controls or options for your needs if the first place to start. Make a list of the things you need in the vehicle and what kind of car, truck, or van you want. A handicap minivan with a ramp and no driver's seat to allow a person in a wheelchair to drive it is one example. If you don't know what you need, there are companies that build this vehicle that might help you figure it out.

Having A Vehicle Retrofitted

If you have not found the perfect minivan or car for your needs, you can have one custom built. There are a lot of customizers out there that can take a stock vehicle and make the changes you need to allow you to drive it. In some cases that will get the vehicle for you and do the work, in other cases you bring the vehicle to them. It just depends on who you are working with and how they have set up their process. A minivan makes a great platform for many conversations because there are a lot of parts readily available for them and they have the room inside to make getting a wheelchair or power scooter in and allow it to be maneuvered easily. The driver's seat and the rear seats can be removed so that a person in a wheelchair can come right in the back or side door and position themselves in the driving position easily.

The Cost Of These Conversions

While it is not cheap to have a van converted to a handicap van, there are companies in the business that can work with you to make it affordable. Be sure to check into the funding because there are foundations and organizations that can help you afford a conversion like this but it might take a little work to find them. The company that is doing the conversion for you may know of some sources for financial help as well. They work with these companies, organizations, and foundations all the time. If you are having trouble finding one to help, you might ask the salesperson you are working with to help or steer you in the right direction.


13 October 2017

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