Auto Body Repair: Three Essential Tips

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You're involved in a fender-bender. The question now is, how do you get your fender un-bent? And, more importantly, how much will it cost you? Regardless of how well you prepare, no one plans to be involved in an auto accident. Following these tips, however, can make the process easier to manage.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Before you contact an auto body repair specialist, it's important to call your insurance company first. When you call, it's important to try to work with this one representative throughout process. Most insurance agents will give you their name, email, and the phone number extension. Whenever you call your insurance company try to work this person.

Once your insurance agent has reviewed your case, be sure to have them answer questions and provide you with the following information in writing:

  • What is the insurance company's total valuation of your vehicle?

  • How much is your deductible?

  • How much will filing the claim add to your insurance premium?

The figures quoted by your insurance company are critical for helping you make the best auto body repair decision.

Break out Your Calculator

Ultimately, the insurance company's total valuation of your vehicle should serve as a spending threshold for the auto body repair process. If you own your vehicle outright, the total cost of repairs should be not exceed this valuation figure. Thus, if the insurance company values your vehicle at $5,000, the total cost of repairs should not exceed $5,000.

The next thing to consider is the deductible. Most insurance deductibles range from $500 to $1000. You're responsible for paying your deductible before the insurance company will contribute a dime to pay for any auto body work. Thus, if the total cost of the auto body work doesn't exceed your deductible, you're better off paying for the repairs without filing a claim.

In addition to you your deductible, you should consider how much filing a claim will affect your insurance premium. According to a recent study, drivers who filed even a single accident claim paid 41 % more for their insurance premiums than drivers who had not filed an accident claim. Sadly, this increase in your insurance premium is likely to last at least two years. With these numbers in mind, you can quickly do the math.

(Insurance Premium  x .41) x 2 + Deductible = Likely Cost of Repairs

Here's an example:

            ($900 x .41) x 2 + $750.00 = $1488.00

Once you've calculated this number, you'll be able to figure out whether filing a claim is worth your time or money. You'll also be able to negotiate with auto repair contractors more knowingly.

Leverage Your Auto Body Contractors

To begin the repair, process you'll want to have your vehicle assessed by a venerated auto body repair shop in your area. With the advent of ecommerce, there are a variety of ways to investigate the best shops in your area. Regardless of what method you use, you should be sure to compare reviews from multiple sources.

When you decide on a repair shop, you should be clear that you would like to start the process with a free estimate (many shops will tow your car for free). After your vehicle has been assessed, you should ask the contractor to provide you with an itemized list for both the parts and labor. In addition to comparing the total cost of repairs, you should focus on the cost of the parts and labors separately.

When you call competing auto body contractors, you should ask them for the hourly rate they'll charge you to complete the work and the amount of money they intend to use for parts. Many auto body contractors will save money by purchasing aftermarket or salvaged parts and charging more for labor. Look at more info from a local professional. 


28 July 2015

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