Mack Trucks: Considerations For Living In Your Truck Full Time

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If you're working as a full-time truck driver, there's a good chance that you spend more time in your truck than in your house. In the past, terms like "gypsy trucker" or "wanderer" were a negative way to describe truck drivers who lived in their trucks, but now there are an estimated one million truckers living in their trucks. If you've begun to wonder why you pay a mountain of bills for a house you rarely spend time in, a "

14 May 2015

Standard Bed, Long Bed, Regular Cab, Extended Cab -- What Type Of Truck Should You Get?

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If you're debating the purchase of a new (or new to you) truck, you may be amazed at the options now available to you. While truck owners were once limited to two or three model options, both the number of truck models and the variety within these models continues to grow. You're now faced with cab options from a regular two-seat cab to a crew cab with two extra-wide rows of seating.

13 May 2015